Credits & Awards

The following list comprises of books I used in my effort to build up this site and people who have devoted a great deal of their works and efforts on the study of Cavafy's poetry. Without the invaluable studies of these people, this tribute to the great Alexandrian would have never been possible...

But, first of all I want to thank COMPUPRESS for the so generous offer of this web space and the help they provided me with.
Ithaka made its internet debute in Geocities (March, 20th 1997), then moved in Compulink (May 1998) and is now kindly hosted by Compupress (since September 2000).
Thank you very much!

References & People:

  1. C.P.Cavafy Poems, ("Ikaros" Publications, Athens).
  2. Edmund Keeley and Philip Sherrard
    (Translations - "C.P. Cavafy Collected Poems" - Published in London in 1998 by Chatto & Windus Ltd.).
  3. K.P. Kavafis - APANTA POIHTIKA ("ypsilon" Publications, Athens 1990).
  4. Kavafika (I.M. Hatzifotis, "Parousia" Publications, Athens 1995).
  5. Edmund Keeley (Cavafy's Biography in English; notes to the poems).

The following icons are all associated with WWW sites that have acknowledged "Ithaka's" value and our personal efforts to enrich the Cyber Community with the works of one of Greece's most innovative and talented poets.

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