C.P. Cavafy - The Gallery

Paintings and photos can be found in this small gallery, tribute to C.P. Cavafy. Move your mouse over a thumbnail and read the title of the corresponding photo. Click on each of the thumbnails and you will be taken to another page with an enlarged photo and some informational text. Please, excuse the low quality of some of the scanned photos.

Cavafy's Photo #1 Cavafy's Photo #2 Cavafy's Photo #3 Cavafy's Photo #4 Cavafy's Photo #5 Cavafy's Father Cavafy's Mother
Cavafy's Family Cavafy's Brother, Aristidis Cavafy's Brother, John Cavafy's Passport Cavafy's Funeral Cavafy's Pass for Alexandria's Exchange Cavafy's Office
Cavafy's Copperplate Cavafy's Sketch by Gikas Cavafy's Sketch Cavafy's Oil Painting Cavafy's Painting by Karavia Cavafy's Sketch by Matsakis Cavafy's Stamp

You can also download and freely use a Powerpoint Presentation on Cavafy's Life and Work, ideal for classroom presentations.
You must have "Microsoft Powerpoint" installed in your PC to view the presentation ("Microsoft Powerpoint" is a part of the "Microsoft Office" suite).
Click here for the English version (67Kb)
Click here for the Greek version (67Kb)

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