Links to Other Sites

The following list comprises of links to sites of interest. These are mainly greek poetry and literature sites. You are encouraged to go on and explore these sites. If you want to send in a URL to be included in this list, all you have to do is mail me the URL...

  1. Alkaios [greek pdf]
  2. Archaia Agora - Philosophy, Poetry, History, Dialogs
  3. Bakolas, Nikos [Official Site]
  4. Barnalis, Kostas [G. Douridas Page]
  5. Bibliomania: Free OnLine Literature with more than 2000 classic texts
  6. Brettakos, Nikiforos [G. Douridas Page]
  7. Cavafy's Archive
  8. Cavafy in Portuguese
  9. Cavafy: Surviving Immortality
  10. Cavafy's Poems & Paintings by Michael Bluemel (in greek)
  11. Cavafy's Poems & Paintings by Michael Bluemel (in german)
  12. Cien Poemas: Konstandinos Kavafis. Traduccion del griego al castellano
  13. Collection of Modern Greek Poetry, Extensive
  14. Conjunctions: The Web Forum of Innovative Writing
  15. Constantino Kavafis - Embassy of Greece in Santiago, Chile
  16. Dimou, Nikos - Writer
  17. Dimoula, Kiki (e-missos)
  18. e-Logos (Greek Literature, Articles, Books etc.)
  19. Eleutheroudakis Bookstore
  20. Elytis Odysseas [G. Douridas Page]
  21. Elytis Odysseas Poetry in an Art Page (by giokou)
  22. Engonopoulos, Nikos
  23. Forster, E.M. - The Unofficial Site
  24. Greek Authors Society (Official Site)
  25. Homer's Iliad
  26. Homer's Odyssey
  27. Internet Classics Archive, The: 441 searchable works of classical literature
  28. Kaktos (Cactus) Publishing
  29. Karyotakis, Costas []
  30. Karyotakis, Kostas [G. Douridas Page]
  31. Kastaniotis Publishing
  32. Kavvadias, Nikos
  33. Kavvadias, Nikos []
  34. Kazantzakis, Nikos
  35. Kazantzakis, Nikos [G. Douridas Page]
  36. Kedros Publishing
  37. KEIMENA - Modern Greek literature online
  38. Kentro Ellinikis Glossas (Greek Language Center)
  39. Kolokotronis' Memoirs [G. Douridas Page]
  40. Krystallis, Kostas [G. Douridas Page]
  41. Makriyannis' Memoirs [G. Douridas Page]
  42. Modern Poetry (Cavafy, T.S. Eliot, Mayakovsky, Baudelaire, Akhmatova and more)
  43. Ouranis, Kostas [G. Douridas page]
  44. Pagina Philologiae: The Greek Philological Site
  45. Palamas, Kostis
  46. Palioparea - Dutch-based ensemble (Cavafy recordings among others)
  47. Perseus Project: Digital Library
  48. Pindaros [greek pdf]
  49. Poets' Corner: Public Library of Poetic Works
  50. Polidouri, Maria
  51. Protoporia Bookstore
  52. Ritsos, Yiannis
  53. Sapfo [greek pdf]
  54. Seferis, George
  55. Seferis, George [fortunecity]
  56. Skarimpas, Yiannis
  57. Solomos, Dionysios
  58. Solomos, Dionysios []
  59. Tsakonas, Telis - Literature, Poetry
  60. Xenopoulos, Grigorios (Museum)
  61. Young Writers' Club, Greek (Atypi Leschi Newn Logotechnwn)
  62. Zisopoulou, Nina - Literature, Poetry

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