In an Old Book

Forgotten between the leaves of an old book-
almost a hundred years old-
I found an unsigned watercolour.
It must have been the work of a powerful artist.
Its title: "Representation of Love".

" of extreme sensualists" would have been more to
   the point.

Because it became clear as you looked at the work
(it was easy to see what the artist had in mind)
that the young man depicted there
was not destined for those
who love in ways that are more or less healthy,
inside the bounds of what is clearly permissible-
with his deep chestnut eyes,
the rare beauty of his face,
the beauty of anomalous charm,
with those ideal lips that bring
sensual delight to the body loved,
those ideal limbs shaped for beds
that common morality calls shameless.

Constantine P. Cavafy

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