Constantine P. Cavafy Poems (English)

Here you can find the complete list and read all of Cavafy's "published" poems (154) and a few of his unpublished ones.
Please note that the poems are divided in chronological categories.


[DOT][1897] Walls
[DOT][1897] An Old Man
[DOT][1897] The Horses of Achilles
[DOT][1898] Prayer
[DOT][1898] The Funeral of Sarpedon
[DOT][1899] Candles
[DOT][1899] The First Step
[DOT][1901] The Souls of Old Men
[DOT][1901] Che fece .... il gran rifiuto
[DOT][1901] Interruption
[DOT][1903] The Windows
[DOT][1903] Thermopylae
[DOT][1904] Unfaithfulness
[DOT][1904] Waiting For The Barbarians
[DOT][1904] Voices
[DOT][1904] Longings


[DOT][1905] Trojans
[DOT][1906] King Dimitrios
[DOT][1907] The Retinue of Dionysos
[DOT][1908] Monotony
[DOT][1909] The Footsteps
[DOT][1909] That's The Man
[DOT][1910] The City
[DOT][1910] The Satrapy
[DOT][1911] The Ides of March
[DOT][1911] Things Ended
[DOT][1911] Sculptor of Tyana
[DOT][1911] The God Abandons Antony
[DOT][1911] Ionic
[DOT][1911] The Glory of the Ptolemies
[DOT][1911] Ithaka
[DOT][1911] Dangerous Thoughts
[DOT][1912] Philhellene
[DOT][1912] Herodis Attikos
[DOT][1912] Alexandrian Kings
[DOT][1912] Come Back
[DOT][1912] In Church
[DOT][1913] Very Seldom
[DOT][1913] As Much As You Can
[DOT][1913] For The Shop
[DOT][1913] I Went
[DOT][1914] Tomb of the Grammarian Lysias
[DOT][1914] Tomb of Evrion
[DOT][1914] Chandelier
[DOT][1914] Long Ago
[DOT][1915] But The Wise Perceive Things About To Happen
[DOT][1915] Theodotos
[DOT][1915] At the Cafe Door
[DOT][1915] He Swears
[DOT][1915] One Night
[DOT][1915] Morning Sea
[DOT][1915] Pictured
[DOT][1915] Orophernis
[DOT][1915] The Battle of Magnesia
[DOT][1915] Manuel Komninos
[DOT][1915] The Displeasure of Selefkidis


[DOT][1916] When They Come Alive
[DOT][1916] In The Street
[DOT][1916] Before The Statue of Endymion
[DOT][1917] In A Town of Osroini
[DOT][1917] Passing Through
[DOT][1917] For Ammonis, who died at 29, in 610
[DOT][1917] One of their Gods
[DOT][1917] In The Evening
[DOT][1917] To Sensual Pleasure
[DOT][1917] Grey
[DOT][1917] Tomb of Iasis
[DOT][1917] In the Month of Athyr
[DOT][1917] I've Looked So Much...
[DOT][1917] Tomb of Ignatios
[DOT][1917] Days of 1903
[DOT][1917] The Window of the Tobacco Shop
[DOT][1918] Kaisarion
[DOT][1918] Body, Remember...
[DOT][1918] Tomb of Lanis
[DOT][1918] Understanding
[DOT][1918] Nero's Deadline
[DOT][1918] Envoys From Alexandria
[DOT][1918] Aristovoulos
[DOT][1918] In The Harbour
[DOT][1918] Aimilianos Monai, Alexandrian, A.D. 628-655
[DOT][1918] Since Nine O'Clock
[DOT][1918] Outside the House
[DOT][1918] The Next Table


[DOT][1919] The Afternoon Sun
[DOT][1919] Comes to Rest
[DOT][1919] Of the Jews (A.D. 50)
[DOT][1919] Imenos
[DOT][1919] On Board Ship
[DOT][1919] Of Dimitrios Sotir (162-150 B.C.)
[DOT][1920] If Actually Dead
[DOT][1920] Young Men of Sidon (A.D. 400)
[DOT][1920] To Call Up the Shades
[DOT][1920] Dareios
[DOT][1920] Anna Komnina
[DOT][1921] A Byzantine Nobleman in Exile Composing Verses
[DOT][1921] Their Beginning
[DOT][1921] The Favour of Alexander Valas
[DOT][1921] Melancholy of Jason Kleander, Poet in Kommagini, A.D. 595
[DOT][1921] Dimaratos
[DOT][1921] I've Brought to Art
[DOT][1921] From the School of the Renowned Philosopher
[DOT][1921] Craftsman of Wine Bowls
[DOT][1922] Those Who Fought for the Achaian League
[DOT][1922] To Antiochos Epiphanis
[DOT][1922] In an Old Book
[DOT][1923] In Despair
[DOT][1923] Julian Seeing Contempt
[DOT][1923] Epitaph of Antiochos, King of Kommagini
[DOT][1923] Theatre of Sidon (A.D. 400)
[DOT][1924] Julian in Nicomedia
[DOT][1924] Before Time Altered Them
[DOT][1924] He Had Planned To Read
[DOT][1924] In Alexandria, 31 B.C.
[DOT][1924] John Kantakuzinos Triumphs
[DOT][1925] Temethos, Antiochian, A.D. 400
[DOT][1925] Of Coloured Glass
[DOT][1925] The Twenty-Fifth Year of His Life
[DOT][1925] On An Italian Shore
[DOT][1925] In the Boring Village
[DOT][1925] Apollonios of Tyana in Rhodes
[DOT][1926] Kleitos' Illness
[DOT][1926] In A Township of Asia Minor
[DOT][1926] Priest At The Serapeion
[DOT][1926] In the Tavernas
[DOT][1926] A Great Procession of Priests and Laymen
[DOT][1926] Sophist Leaving Syria
[DOT][1926] Julian and the Antiochians
[DOT][1927] Anna Dalassini
[DOT][1927] Days of 1896
[DOT][1927] Two Young Men, 23 to 24 years old
[DOT][1927] Greek from Ancient Times
[DOT][1927] Days Of 1901
[DOT][1928] You Didn't Understand
[DOT][1928] A Young Poet in his Twenty-Fourth Year
[DOT][1928] In Sparta
[DOT][1928] Picture of a 23-year-old Painted by his Friend of the same Age, an Amateur
[DOT][1928] In a Large Greek Colony, 200 B.C.
[DOT][1928] A Prince From Western Libya
[DOT][1928] Kimon, Son of Learchos, 22, Student of Greek Literature (In Kyrini)
[DOT][1928] On the March to Sinopi
[DOT][1928] Days of 1909, '10, and '11
[DOT][1929] Myris: Alexandria, A.D. 340
[DOT][1929] Alexander Jannaios and Alexandra
[DOT][1929] Lovely White Flowers
[DOT][1929] Come, O King of the Lacedaimonians
[DOT][1929] In the Same Space
[DOT][1930] The Mirror In The Front Hall
[DOT][1930] He Asked about the Quality
[DOT][1930] To Have Taken The Trouble
[DOT][1931] Following The Recipe Of Ancient Greco-Syrian Magicians
[DOT][1931] In The Year 200 B.C.
[DOT][1932] Days of 1908
[DOT][1933] On the Outskirts of Antioch

Unpublished poems

[DOT][1896] Julian at the Mysteries
[DOT][1899] King Claudius
[DOT][1900] When the Watchman Saw the Light
[DOT][1903] Growing in Spirit
[DOT][1904] September, 1903
[DOT][1904] December, 1903
[DOT][1904] On The Stairs
[DOT][1904] At The Theatre
[DOT][1906] Poseidonians
[DOT][1907] Antony's Ending
[DOT][1908] Hidden Things
[DOT][1911] On Hearing of Love
[DOT][1913] "The Rest I Will Tell to Those Down In Hades"
[DOT][1913] The Photograph
[DOT][1914] Returning From Greece
[DOT][1914] Exiles
[DOT][1914] Theophilos Palaiologos
[DOT][1915] And I Lounged and Lay on Their Beds
[DOT][1917] Half An Hour
[DOT][1917] Simeon
[DOT][1919] The Bandaged Shoulder

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